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I have been considering making a post pondering my experences in One Piece and Teen Wolf fandoms. Cause they are both very very simular and very very different.

In One Piece I ship a smallish ship involving the main character(Luffy/Usopp) and a REALLY tiny breaking up the fandom juggarnaut (Sanji/Gin). In Teen Wolf I ship the fandom juggarnaut(Stiles/Derek). In both fandoms the juggernaut is two side characters with a bickering/rival relationship and most fanfics put the main character as a very loyal, but rather dim and not very important minor character.

So it just strikes me as something to muse about.

On the plus side for Teen Wolf, I have seen way, way, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay less bashing of Scott then I did for Gin and Usopp. Also, Scott gets to actually exist a lot of the time! And be in the fanfics! And in longer plotty ones, gets to be an actually part of the plot! Also: SO MANY FANWORKS fjiasejfklsjrfwjelfjnlfjlsdf I am so happy when I always have stuff to read! SO HAPPY OKAY.

On the minus side, the ship wars mostly consist of: 1. People insisting shipping Stiles/Derek is racist and 2. Sterek shippers being assholes and barging into other ship posts and making it about Sterek which: rude. (Also, stop doing that)

Plus side for One piece: No racism! Seeing as Luffy and Zoro are very obviously fantasy equiverlent of Japanese.

Minus side so much bashing and bad treatment for Gin and Usopp. OMG, people, if you where a Gin fan it was SO HORRIBLE okay. I can think of a grand total of *one* fic (Outside of what I wrote myself or begged others to write for me) where Gin got to be anything other then 1. the most evil of evil villains for getting in the way of Zoro and Sanji’s love or 2. The entire fic was just going on about how Gin and Sanji is the most terrible and never ever gotta happen pairing. 

Usopp either just got vanished from existing because he is ‘ugly’, or the writer had Zoro run and hide under Nami’s bed in terror because Usopp liking him was so horrible. Yes, that really happened in one fic. I am still unhappy the writer had that happen and then labeled the fic as being Zoro/Usopp ship fic.

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